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Cathy Dornan is a public affairs and public relations advisor in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada specializing in issues management, crisis communications, media relations and strategic counsel.


For 28 years, Cathy has worked in the public relations and public affairs business. She has honed her skills in strategic communications including issues management, media relations, crisis communications and emergency response.

In addition to traditional public affairs expertise, Cathy is a sought after advisor on issues related to the local political, economic and social environment in Atlantic Canada.

Cathy works with companies and organizations in all sectors as the principles of strategic communications can be applied to any situation. Cathy guides her clients to thoughtful and effective solutions to complex issues that impact many different stakeholders.  Her advice is based on an honest and forthright approach that ensures integrity.

Cathy is a well known media trainer as well. She has trained many candidates including business leaders, union leaders, politicians, oil and gas...

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Cathy Dornan Public Affairs focuses on Strategic Communications Counsel to a wide range of clients. The overall objective of all communications activities will be to help business or any
organization meet its strategic priorities.

Strategic Communications

Strategic communications is a means to an end for an organization to achieve its ultimate business goals. A company should value the relationships it has with its stakeholders and spend time nurturing those relationships.  More and more, the audience for a company’s communications is more savvy.  They are more demanding, expect more from a company and are less forgiving.

Cathy Dornan Public Affairs will help a company bridge the gap between itself and its stakeholders. Cathy has experience over the past three decades of advising organizations on the communications that will enhance the company’s reputation with its stakeholders, thereby advancing the company’s business agenda.

Strategic Communications Counsel by Cathy Dornan Public Affairs will allow you to prepare, think ahead and be ready for those issues that may have an impact on your organizations image and reputation. Through issues management, media relations, crisis communication/ emergency response, Cathy Dornan will help you find your solutions.

Issues Management

Every organization faces issues that affect their business. The approach to dealing with issues will determine the outcome and success of an organization in managing through difficult times.

Cathy Dornan Public Affairs offers consistent and effective guidance on managing issues within an organization. The issue must be managed based on facts, values and policies. A truthful approach based in company values backed up by policy will yield a successful outcome to managing an issue. A weakness of values and policy could result in a weak outcome. An untruthful approach will not end in success.

Cathy Dornan has nearly three decades of experience in helping manage issues and has a proven track record of success.

Crisis Communications / Emergency Response

The first few hours after a crisis strikes could prove to be the most important few hours in your organization’s future. How you react, how you respond, what you say and how you say it could be the difference between survival and demise.

Cathy Dornan Public Affairs offers specialized experience in ensuring your first response is the right one.  Your crisis communications response must align with your business strategy. You must take in to account those you may have affected and work quickly to address issues that can have an impact on your future success.Cathy Dornan, Principal, has many years of experience in dealing with crises.  Oil spill response, 9-11, aviation disaster and workplace accidents are some areas where Cathy has come to the aid of clients in need of fast and effective crisis communications.  The response involves media relations, media training for spokespeople, preparation of communications to stakeholders, on site help, and go forward crisis management strategies and counsel.

Media Relations

A common challenge when working with clients in a communications role is their deep-rooted fear of the media.  It is most often based on personal fear of being on TV or quoted in an online story.

Cathy Dornan Public Affairs will guide clients to successful media interactions. The media has a job to do. By and large, reporters are looking for a timely response from a credible source. Companies may not always want their issues reported but if it is a matter of public interest it will often end up in a public domain. The role of media relations will be to balance the company interest with the public’s right to know.


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