Cathy has provided clients of mine with invaluable PR and Communications assistance in times of crisis or anticipated crisis and I highly recommend her services in the event that you or your clients find yourselves in the same circumstance.

Dan Boone, Regional Managing Partner
Stewart McKelvey
Cathy Dornan was instrumental in helping Cougar Helicopters through a very tough crisis.  Cathy’s communications skills and experience in media relations were essential in Cougar’s ability to manage a very difficult situation.  I personally am grateful to Cathy for monitoring and managing very important aspects of Public Relations that allowed me to focus on other matters during our crisis at Cougar.

Hank Williams, General Manager
Cougar Helicopters Inc.
Cathy Dornan is, without question, one of the most knowledgeable and effective business communicators with whom I have ever worked.  Cathy has an innate ability to understand context and the challenges faced by a client in communicating a clear, strategic message to customers, media and the general public.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her for a wide range of communications assignments.

Dr. Jim Barnes
The Johnson executive team enjoyed a two day media training experience under the leadership of Cathy Dornan.  She was knowledgeable, effective and relevant to our business.  We took away valuable learning about how to conduct an effective media interview in the best interest of our organization as well  critical learning on what to do in the event our organization faced a serious crisis. Time well spent for our company.

Brian King, Vice President, Marketing

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