Strategic Counsel

Why develop strategic communications in your organization?

Strategic communications must be considered a means to an end for an organization to achieve its ultimate business goals. A company should value the relationships it has with its stakeholders and spend time nurturing those relationships.  More and more, the audience for a company’s communications is getting younger.  They are more demanding, expect more from a company and are less forgiving.

Cathy Dornan Public Affairs will help a company bridge the gap between itself and its stakeholders. Cathy has experience over the past two decades of guiding organizations through a communications planning process that will enhance the company’s reputation and image with its stakeholders, thereby advancing the company’s business agenda.

These days, and especially in the service sector, a good corporate image is not only a by-product of financial success, but also a prerequisite for success.   In today’s environment companies have one ear turned inward towards its employees and their other ear(s) turned outward towards its shareholders, suppliers and customers.  In such a situation, the development and implementation of a coherent corporate identity can become problematic.

To varying degrees, responsibility for the development of strategies and management of programs that deliver consistent messages to internal and external stakeholders has been assigned to the corporate communications/public affairs/public relations. In essence they have been the guardians of what is commonly referred to as the “corporate reputation”, “corporate image”, and the “corporate identity”. In reality corporate reputation and corporate image basically mean the same thing – they are indicators of how various stakeholders regard the organization. Corporate identity on the other hand tends to relate to what we believe we are, while image relates to what others think we are and reputation relates to what we know about what others think we are.

Does your company have strong stakeholder relationships?

Do you know what your stakeholders think of you?

Does your company’s reputation need protecting?

Are you prepared for the issues in your business that could negatively affect your image?

Strategic Communications Counsel by Cathy Dornan Public Affairs will allow you to prepare, think ahead and be ready for those issues that may have an impact on your organizations image and reputation.

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