Issues Management

Every organization faces issues that affect their business. An organization can be reactive in how they deal with issues or they can proactively plan for issues that are likely to affect the business.

Fundamentally, the practice of issues management is about being proactive and spending time planning for those things that will eventually rise to the surface.

Cathy Dornan Public Affairs will provide clients with expertise in issues management.

The elements of effective issues management:

  • Issue identification
  • Issue analysis
  • Strategic considerations
  • Action plan
  • Evaluation of effectiveness

Proactive organizations will spend time monitoring emerging trends, concerns, and issues that are likely to have an impact on business. It is wise to do this in advance in order to influence the outcome and ensure there is no detrimental impact on the organization.

Cathy Dornan has spent nearly two decades guiding organizations through difficult issues. Whether it is an environmental assessment, municipal approvals, workplace injury, labour confrontation, or if your organization receives unflattering media coverage, there is always a strategy to manage through it.

The best remedy for managing through a difficult issue is to be prepared for it. Think about it in advance, create a plan, with a goal to avoiding unwanted negative issues.

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