Crisis Communications

The first few hours after a crisis strikes could prove to be the most important few hours in your organization’s future. How you react, how you respond, what you say and how you say it could be the difference between survival and demise.

Cathy Dornan Public Affairs offers specialized experience in ensuring your first response is the right one.  Your crisis communications response must align with your business strategy. You must take in to account those you may have affected and work quickly to address issues that can have an impact on your future success.

Cathy Dornan, Principal, has many years of experience in dealing with crises.  Oil spill response, 9-11, aviation disaster and workplace accidents are some areas where Cathy has come to the aid of clients in need of fast and effective crisis communications.  The response involves media relations, media training for spokespeople, preparation of communications to stakeholders, on site help, and go forward crisis management strategies and counsel.

However, most importantly, would be the work done in advance of an event becoming a crisis.  The preparation of a crisis communications plan, emergency preparedness exercises, and background information prepared in advance.

Ask these questions:

Can you effectively reach all your stakeholders in less than an hour?

Does your staff know what their role would be in case of a crisis?

Do you have operational information available for public dissemination at a moments notice?

Is your website crisis ready?

Is your organization social media savvy?

Do you have the knowhow to prepare a media response in less than 3 hours?

If you are answering NO to any of these questions you should consider thinking about crisis communications planning for your organization.

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